Site Evaluation & Budgeting

How can Professional Paving & Concrete help me best utilize my budgeting pavement dollars? Constructing the right budget always includes input from your trusted paving contractor that needs to be developed in multi-year overview of the condition of the pavement, how you plan to attack the structural defects on the lot initially followed up by implementing a sound pavement rehabilitation plan. With this knowledge in place, your paving contractor can advise and develop a single or multi-year budget that meets your specific needs while maintaining satisfactory condition of your pavement.

Collaborative efforts generate satisfactory performance. When budgeting for parking lot repair and maintenance, what generally gives me that best bang for my buck? The answer depends on the current state of health of your parking lot. If the lot was well constructed and is not showing significant subbase failures (more than 5% of the lot) then the best option usually is to start and maintenance and seal coating program. This involves filling cracks, cutting out and replacing severely deteriorated areas with full depth asphalt, seal coating with 2 coats of a good cold tar sealer like Armguard, and restriping. This should be done every 3 – 5 years, depending upon how much traffic your lot has. You will find that over time, the amount of patch work (which is the most costly component) will go down. Sometimes the only flaw is that too thin of a layer of asphalt was put over a good sub base. In this case patching and overlay is a viable option. If subsurface water is a problem, than French drains may need to be installed prior to the overlay. There is no “one solution” for repairing every parking lot. Professional Paving & Concrete estimators look at each lot on its own merits and make recommendations for your particular situation. That’s why its important to deal with a full service company that does all aspects of pavement repair maintenance. Most other companies do not offer the full range of services that Professional does.