Infrared patching is a method of blending new asphalt with existing – Infrared Heated – Pavement material to create a joint-free integral patch. The truck mounted machine is capable of heating the existing pavement material to a depth of approximately two (2) inches without oxidation or burning. There is no flame in direct contact with the existing pavement surface. The truck unit is also equipped with multiple heated chambers capable of storing and transporting up to four (4) tons of asphalt materials – while maintaining a consistent temperature.

Advantages of Infrared Patching

Time – Depending on air temperature, the entire process will take from 10 to 20 minutes. The traditional method, involving sawing-cutting, excavating, and repaving-can result in longer downtime of a parking lot.
Convenience – The ability to complete the repairs during off-hours even when asphalt plants are not operating.
Quality – No new cold joints are created-therefore there are no open seams between the old pavement and the infrared patch.
Cost – The infrared patching method is a cost-effective alternative to traditional patching.

Uses of Infrared Patching

* Repair holes and surface deteriorated areas
* Eliminate depressions-water holes-tripping hazards
* Achieve smooth black top at transition joints
* Repair newer pavement without sawing-cutting
* Restore Service cuts
* Adjust pavement height to manholes
* Lower high areas
* Repair deteriorated paving seams