Paving & Patching


Asphalt patching involves the removal and replacement of deteriorated sections of a parking lot pavement surface. Patching is completed when a section of the pavement surface is deteriorated to the point where it no longer has the structural strength to hold up to the load of traffic. The longevity and specification of an asphalt patch is dependent on the type of traffic (cars and trucks) that accesses the pavement surface.

Paving & Patching


Sealcoating is a liquid coal tar material that protects asphalt pavements and enhances the curb appeal of any property. Sealing an asphalt surface increases the pavement’s ability to maintain flexibility by minimizing oxidation and surface deterioration caused by water, salt, and gas/oil leaks.

Lot Marking

Give your property a fresh look while improving safety by painting the lines, fire lanes and traffic control markings. A newly striped lot not only improves the curb appeal but also allows tenants and customers to safely navigate throughout the parking lot with fresh bright traffic markings.